Does Double glazing save you money? Read this to find out.

October 8, 2018 12:45 pm Published by

Do you have single-glazed windows installed in your home or you have fitted windows that have not yet been modified? This is an important question to ask yourself as we creep into the winter season. Making sure that you are not throwing money out of the window due to poor installation is a critical aspect you should consider.

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy if you upgrade your windows or have new windows installed.

We will be presenting some benefits into why you should consider double glazing and why it is so important to check your unit’s condition, right now.

We should point out before we begin that with these benefits, they will only become apparent if you invest in an experienced and fully qualified company. FENSA certified companies have been put through all the tests and are highly reliable, guaranteeing you the most professional service. By investing in a FENSA certified company, you will receive a bespoke service, with core advice on what type of shape and size double glazed windows you should be spending your money on and full support through the entire process.

Energy Efficient

You would have heard this term quite a lot but possibly never truly listened or have invested further. In today’s society, we are becoming more energy efficient and windows are no exception. Double glazed windows, compared to single, are A+ rated. This means that they allow more heat to flow through your house then escaping. With our English weather with cold nights, rain and harsh winds are the normal results of the season – they provide an excellent investment and you will experience the difference once converted.


If you have single-glazed windows then this would be a cause of concern in terms of security. Single-glazed windows are much easier to break, making your household a key target for a burglar. While it is possible to break double-glazing, this type of window will be harder to break and would also cause a considerable amount of noise – something that a burglar would be keen to avoid at all costs.

By installing double glazed windows, you will produce more security for your household and contents inside.


Have you ever walked past a home and have noticed rotting window sills or large cracks in the framework? Of course you have. But I will assume you have not looked upon them in a positive light.

“The windows are the eyes to the house” and that’s exactly right.

Installing brand new, clean and inviting windows is one of the easiest ways to increase the level of positive engagement you will have for your home, and when performed as part as a major renovation project, the results will pay for themselves.

Return On Investment

When it comes to looking to invest in a new home or you browse housing websites – what are you more inclined to choose to read more information about? outdated and dull windows? Or modern and inviting? Of course, you would choose the latter. So if you ever wish to sell your home, it is imperative that you market your home to the best of your ability – hence the return on investment.

When you invest in brand new, state-of-the-art modern windows – you will certainly get your money back and more.

Choosing your windows wisely

When it all comes down to it, choosing the right style of window that will be fitted in your household is important. The style needs to advertise your home in a positive and engaging way.

Here are some tips for choosing the correct style of window for your households age and characteristics.

uPVC window frames – These frames are a great low maintenance choice for new build households but would look completely out of place with say, a Georgian townhouse.

Wooden frames – This choice looks fantastic on period buildings, combining the characteristics of the style of household and creating an instant eye-catching classic look.

Composite frames – Composite combines both low maintenance with the eye-catching appearance of natural wood.

GLS is one of the leading suppliers and installers of double glazing in Leicester. From Vertical Sliding Sash Style to Tilt and Turn to Bow and Bay windows, as well as shaped installations, we have a wide range of choice for you to consider.

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