Is investing in a conservatory worth your money? Read this to find out!

April 11, 2019 2:36 pm Published by

Many of us have thought about purchasing conservatories, especially in the essence of spring – but are they really worth the money?

Answer: Yes they are!

We will be taking you through just some of the benefits of purchasing a conservatory for your home and how your property can truly enhance its value with the extra space a conservatory can provide.

Property value on the rise

It is a well-known fact that the more space a property provides, the more it will go up in value.

This is especially beneficial if you are planning to sell your home in the future, as you will be able to add an increased value of up to 15%.

By purchasing a conservatory, you are essentially providing your home a brand new room, allowing you to store more items in your home and utilise the extra space to your advantage.

Affordability at your fingertips

Have you ever thought of purchasing a conservatory but assumed that it would be far too expensive? Well, think again.

When you choose GLS Windows, we will provide you with a consultation where we can discuss all of your bespoke requirements and start preparing a plan of action. With your bespoke designs at hand, we can then process the construction of your state-of-the-art conservatory with the affordable price tag and minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Connect with your garden

A fantastic benefit of introducing a conservatory to your property is that it provides a segue between interior and exterior areas of your home.

Inviting nature through your home, no matter the season or weather, will give your home that extra piece of expressionism and supply natural light into your home.

Many people regard conservatories as a spring/summer investment but in-fact, they are a whole year round opportunity!

During the winter months, you can explore the white or wet external scenery while being toasty and cosy in your conservatory.

But how, you may ask.

Aren’t conservatories just all glass and no warmth?

Although you can go for this model, you can opt in for a warm roof during your consultation. With their abilities to keep your conservatory warm and cosy, they can also be cost-effective to your energy bills and can even be noise cancelling when the pouring rain hits your conservatory.

Multiple functionalities

When you invest in a conservatory, you don’t have to just use it for a standard purpose.

With this asset, you can provide multiple functionalities and use this extra space to your advantage.

From conservatory to play box:

If you have children or you are a big kid yourself, you can turn your conservatories into a playroom. This extra space provides the ultimate area for children and all of their toys, making room for extra activities and you will be able to declutter your living room!

Turning your conservatory into a dining room:

If you don’t have a dining room and utilise your kitchen as a diner, then a conservatory is the ultimate asset for you. You can wine and dine in your conservatory, allowing your kitchen to become more of an open area and also making your kitchen look bigger as well.

The mini lounge:

Creating a mini lounge is perfect for relaxation and leisure. If for instance, your living room is full of technology such as a TV, WiFi, laptop, gaming console etc and you wish to get away from all of the distraction, then turning your conservatory into a mini lounge is exactly what you need.

Incorporate plants, a small sofa or armchair, a side table and a rug to make the perfect R&R escape.

Find your provider

Here at GLS Windows, we manufacturer our entire conservatory parts in-house, allowing us to create a bespoke design for you and your property.

With over 40 years of experience and knowledge of conservatories, we provide a professional and friendly service right here in the heart of Leicestershire. 

Contact us today and experience our high-quality craftsmanship for yourself!