Signs Your Home Is In Need Of New Windows

August 28, 2019 9:11 am Published by

Despite their transparent nature (pun intended) it is sometimes easy to miss the signs that the glazing in your home is perhaps not up to the standard that it once was. There are many drawbacks to having inefficient windows, such as cooler temperatures in the house which can lead to mounting energy bills. So with that in mind, GLS has come up with a few pointers to let you know when its time to replace your windows.

There is a constant draft in the house

A drafty feel throughout your home might be a sign that your windows are not as well sealed as they previously were. This could be due to problems with either the panes of glass, the seals or the locking mechanism. In the case of the latter, there is a potential security risk too.

Fog between panes

If you notice a fog that’s seemingly in between the panes of glass in your double glazing then there is potentially a problem with the seals on your windows. In extreme cases, you might even get a build-up of frost or ice in colder weather. Depending on the severity of the problem you might be able to get the seals repaired however if the problem is extensive then a replacement is probably the most cost-effective call.

Problems with opening and closing your windows

If you find yourself grunting with effort every time that you go to operate your windows then it might be time to think about replacing them. Wooden frames are particularly notorious for this as they have a tendency to expand and contract over time. If you’re having trouble shutting your windows, then there is the security element to consider as well.

Your windows aren’t soundproofing your home.

If you find that noises from the outside are frequently disturbing the peace of your home when your windows are closed, then chances are that your windows are lacking efficiency at soundproofing your home. A replacement is on the cards, particularly if you still have single-pane windows.

You have a marked increase in your energy bills

If your windows are not providing thermal efficiency, then you’ll notice an increase in your energy consumption. Inefficient windows mean that a good chunk of your heating is going to waste. If you’re continually having to put the central heating on due to chilly temperatures then looking at getting your windows replaced is a way to help reduce your monthly outgoings on heating costs.

If your windows have seen better days and you are looking for a quality replacement, then contact GLS today. Our BFRC certified energy rating stands at A standard and our windows come with 10-year insurance supplied by the GGFi complete with FENSA certification. We Have over 40 years of industry experience, so we can find and install the perfect windows for your home.