The surprising benefits of having bi-folding doors in winter.

November 22, 2018 10:42 am Published by

Halloween and Bonfire night have departed and the winter has crept into our lives once again.

Bi-folding doors can accentuate any room and can be a beautiful addition to your household, especially in the winter. With bi-folding doors, you can open your doors draw in your garden with ease.

With the chilly air and potential snow on the way, it is unlikely you will want to open your doors.

So what benefits do bi-folding doors have for us when it is just too cold to use them for their main purpose?

Here are some core points to use your bi-folding doors effectively in the cold winter days, up to Christmas.

Insulated warmth for all

Through either double or triple glazed glass, bi-folding doors are extremely efficient when it comes to those cold winter nights.

In today’s society, with the latest technology developments and techniques, bi-folding doors are issued frames that are attached to the glass to prevent draughts accordingly.

Bi-folding frames are fantastic for high levels of thermal efficiency, with the choice of both aluminium and UPVC, creating a balanced choice for providing your household with insulation and protection against the cold.

Retain connection with your garden 

Having bi-folding doors means that you can embrace the outside, without enduring the chilly temperature, especially leading up to Christmas where we may have snow once more!

You can stay inside your home, wrapped up warm with a cup of something hot and enjoying the views to their fullest potential.

You will have a very engaging wall made of luxurious glass, so make the most of observing the winter scenery in the comfort of your cosy warm home.

Enjoy the perks of Winter 

Having an abundance of glazing can open up your home and create an infinite amount of space, allowing you to enjoy a frosty winter scene, without being subjected to the bitter temperatures of the winter period.

Whether you are currently situated in a big city or the crisp countryside, you can enjoy the perks of winter through your bi-folds. Imagine fireworks, snowmen and rain – all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your warm room, as you have a front-row seat with your bi-folding doors.

Increased light within your household 

As we’re all painfully aware, it’s that time of year to wrap up as much as possible. You leave for work in the dark and end up getting home in the dark, so one of the best ways to help beat the winter blues is to ensure you’re getting enough natural light when you’re able too.

Bi-folds are one of the best solutions for your home in this respect, as they include large floor to ceiling areas of glazing with minimum frame thickness, giving you optimum levels of light whenever it’s available.

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