Tips on how to keep your conservatory warm all year round.

January 31, 2019 11:49 am Published by
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With the frost on the ground and the temperatures dropping like wildflower, winter is definitely here. With this chilly atmosphere, it is the perfect weather for getting cosy and warm, watching the frost multiply outside.

But, if the internal areas of your home doesn’t feel warm and it is unpleasant to around, then this can really dampen the mood and spirit of your cosy vibes.

If you have a conservatory, chances are you may abandon this area when the weather is so bitter outside because the heat can escape too quickly – making your conservatory and icebox.

However, just because the weather has turned, doesn’t mean you should forget about how glorious your conservatory is and wait for summer to arrive.

Your conservatory is perfect for events, such as hosting a party or relaxing in your comfy chair and watching the birds pick frost from the ground – and there are many ways you can keep warm and toasty while pursuing these actions.

We decided to create a few tips just for you to make sure that your GLS conservatory stays warm and enjoyable all year round for you and your family.

Warm Roofs/ Roof Insulation

One of the core reasons why conservatories in the UK are so cold is because there is a lack of insulation within the conservatory.

When it comes to the build and structure of a conservatory, it is normally 80% glass and because of this, a majority of heat is lost due to the insulation of the build. By installing a warm roof, you will have an efficient roof that will provide warmth and comfort to your added space. Our highly competent designed warm roofs will provide the heat that you need on those bitter and frosty mornings. With our warm roofs, you will also experience the energy efficient design which will assist your costs as well as having a reduced amount of noise from the rain.

Our warm roofs can make a huge difference for your experience of your conservatory and also your homes temperature, transforming your experience and providing more opportunities to use your conservatory in the winter and chilly days.

Warm floor covering

Hardwood flooring is a practical and popular choice of flooring when it comes to conservatories, however, this style of flooring does not assist the insulation and does not provide the warmth you need on bleak, cold days and nights.

The flooring of your conservatory can be the main cause of your conservatory feeling so chilly and will produce draughts and in conclusion to this, loss of heat.

Investing in warm flooring such as utilising a large rug or thick carpet will enhance the heat of your conservatory and trap those draughts in their paths.

Blinds and curtains

The use of blinds and curtains can be an excellent move in order to keep your conservatory insulated and less draughty. They also provide a ‘homey’ feel to your conservatory making a welcoming and cosy atmosphere for your experience and others.

For a more effective draught excluder, provide long drapes for your conservatory, they will retain the heat in your space and stop the cold weather in its tracks so you can enjoy your conservatory in all weathers.

Electric radiators

When it gets just too cold and your feet feel like ice, you may need an extra source of heat with your conservatory. A good way of providing this extra heat is to install an electric radiator.

These effective heat solutions can assist you to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your conservatory. Some electric radiators are even designed for conservatory use.

By purchasing this form of heat enhancer, you will be able to retain the heat within your conservatory, blocking out all of the cold air and draughts – especially if you use the above tips!

By pursuing these tips, you will be able to establish a warm, inviting and cosy conservatory that you can enjoy all year round, especially in the winter and those frosty mornings and evenings we are currently experiencing. 


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