Tips to Save Money on your Energy Bill: Glaze Your Home in Warmth This Winter

November 26, 2012 5:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As winters cold and spine-chilling claws begin to descend on our homes, our heating systems become our saving grace. And whilst there is no escaping the rising cost of energy, there are numerous ways to ensure that your bills aren’t as frightening as Jack frosts fingertips.

Heat retention is by far the easiest and simplest way to ensure the warmth your boiler generates is not needlessly lost. The installation of double-glazing windows is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to do this. At GLS Windows, we manufacture and supply a range of windows with the aim of being aesthetically pleasing, as well as eco-efficient, resulting in a reduction in your energy bills. Around 20% of the total heat loss is from windows, but why is double glazing the answer?

The narrow gap in between the two panes of glass creates a vacuum where air particles cannot be conducted. This means that the particles cannot be exchanged from either side, ensuring that your precious warmth is not snatched from your home. Less heat loss means greater warmth retention resulting in lower energy bills. Your heating system no longer needs to be set to a high a temperature and switched on for as long, as heat loss is significantly reduced. Double Glazing windows could save an average £135 a year on your energy bills almost paying for themselves in the long term.

Upon fitting, GLS Windows ensure that your windows are perfectly sealed maximising heat retention. Not only that, our windows are fitted with the Swiss 24/7 Profile System, anti-burglar locks and the latest in Energy saving technology, such as the GLS Eco Save A Window.

Other helpful tips to keeping your house warm this winter includes wrapping up warm, utilising your cooking schedule, carpets or rugs and it is always worth getting your boiler serviced annually, eradicating any potential problems and repairs.