What Benefits do Bi-Folding Doors Bring to a Home?

June 3, 2013 4:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When the time comes to install a new door or replace an old one, the choice generally comes down to a swinging door, a sliding door or a bi-folding door. Bi-folding doors are the most modern of the three designs, and come with a number of advantages.

The most obvious benefit of bi-folding doors is that they have a dramatic effect on the amount of space available. As they fold out in sections, they are perfect for smaller rooms inside a house, or for patios where you want to maximise your recreational space. Installing a bi-folding door will open up new options when it comes to rearranging your furniture, and will make a room appear larger. They also open up the entirety of a door space, as opposed to a sliding door, which can only open up half.

Apart from their functionality, bi-folding doors also benefit from strong aesthetic appeal. They share design similarities with Chinese folding screens, and many people prefer the partitioned look whether they are folded open or closed. The nature of bi-folding doors means that they can offer unrestricted views of a garden or terrace, and if an elegant design is chosen, they can even enhance such a view.

Bi-folding doors are extremely efficient from a mechanical point of view because they are cantilevered off multiple rows of hinges, as opposed to only one. This means they can be constructed from lighter, non-traditional building materials, while remaining deceptively sturdy. Many modern bi-folding doors are made from glass, or feature large glass panels, which can bring in more light to a room and provide uninhibited views during winter.

As they are often lighter than traditional doors, and because the way they fold makes them easy to transport, bi-folding doors are the perfect choice for someone looking to undertake a DIY door installation. A competent amateur handyman will have little problem installing the doors themselves, and once they are installed they are maintenance free and easy to use. Modern bi-folding doors will open smoothly and without friction, and often feature finger-safe gaskets, which will be of particular interest to families concerned with the safety of their children.

Modern bi-folding doors are as safe and sturdy as traditional doors, but offer improvements in the areas of both style and functionality.

We here at GLS Windows are able to supply and fit a wide variety of bi-folding doors in a range of colours and finishes to complement the look of your home. Not only are our range of bi-folding doors fitted by our professional and experienced team, the security and practicality of the doors is also taken into consideration. For more information on our services, call us on 01455 202 985 or contact us via our online form.