Why you need Bi-folding doors in your home

May 24, 2019 9:36 am Published by

Bi-folding doors have been increasing in popularity over the past few years especially in the UK. Whilst many homes now have bi-folding doors for some homeowners it can be a difficult decision whether or not to have them installed. So are bi-folding doors beneficial to your home? Let’s take a look at some styles and we’ll be telling you why you need them in your home.

If you are unsure on what exactly bi-folding doors are, they can be known to some as sliding doors or concertina doors. this is due to the doors folding in a concertina formation when fully open.

Almost all homes have single leaf frame doors whilst these are convenient, they don’t offer much value if you are trying to utilize the space in your home. A better alternative for accentuating your space. are of course bi-folding doors, they are modern, attractive and will open up your home and brighten up your spaces undoubtedly. Brightening up your living area can add depth to the room and give the illusion of a wider, bigger space.

In terms of flexibility, bi-folding doors are the only style of door that does not require any additional space. Bi-folds open swiftly with ease and fold neatly compacted, gone are the days of clunky jolting sliding doors.

Bi-folds can be customized to any space, internally or externally. When installed internally they are ideal for connecting spaces for example – kitchens with dining rooms, lounges, conservatories and more.

The obvious benefit of external bi-folds is the view that they provide, essentially a glass wall in-between your home and garden. Having this glass feature will flood your home with natural light and bring the colours of seasonal blooms into your living space. During the warmer months, you can combine both your indoor space and outdoor space into one setting. Ideal for hosting events such as parties or a bbq.

For your ease of mind, there’s added security with multiple locking mechanisms along the folding frame of the doors. You won’t lose any heat during the winter months either due to the sturdy double glazing but best of all they add value to any home.

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